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Month: August 2015


Sheherazade DSD-PCM Sabre32 DAC

This is the ”reference” DAC in my audio system. It’s based on Twisted Pear Audio ( ) Buffalo III SE board and consist in my implementation for best use this module. The heart of Buffalo III board is the ES 9018 ESS Sabre32 Reference DAC chip. Whith its amazing performance is probably the best DAC actually available. It can handle 32 bit PCM data via I2S input as well as DSD or SPDIF data with…

Falstaff Hybrid Circlotron Power Amplifier

     ‭ ‬ There has been considerable debate over the characteristics of tubes versus transistors…..The goal of this hybrid power amplifier is to take advantage of best performance of both technologies tubes and solid state device.‭ ‬Tube is highly linear without negative feedback,‭ ‬smooth clipping,‭ ‬wider dynamic range,‭ ‬characteristics highly independent of temperature,‭ ‬and so on‭…‬but its disadvantages such high-impedance devices that usually need a matching transformer for low impedance speakers.‭ ‬I prefer to…