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Month: December 2015


The Red Priest ( Vivaldi )

A terrific line all tube preamplifier fitted with NOS Philips ECC186SQ as voltage amplifier and 5687 for low impedance high current output buffer. Power supply is a fine all tube Shunt Regulator. ECC186SQ is the best ECC82 family tube ever made. The crucial mid range ( male/female voices ) is astouning but unfortunately …this tube now It’s very expensive !! All capacitors are MKP or Paper in oil, carbon composite resistors in the signal path,…

Madama Butterfly 2A3 SE Power Amplifier

Another 2A3 SE amp !!!! oh no !!!! What in the added value in my implementation? What I present in this blog is the result of many, many….. hours of listening sessions to various configurations and components about a SE class A 2A3 Amplifier. My target was the best design to reproduce the body, sonic texture and fine gradation characteristic of natural sound. This is what, in my opinion, is the best result in terms…