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Month: February 2017


Mimì two way compact speakers

Many hears ago, in a Hi-Fi show, I listened the ProAc Response Two speakers and I was really impressed by their performance. These speakers just simply disappeared, leaving behind an ambient soundfield that changed very little with head movement. Driven by an excellent Audio Reserch tube pre/power amplifier, they had put the singer right here in the room with me!! Also all acoustic instruments like the guitars, violins, percussions were played with a breathtaking sense…

Attila 6C33cb SE Power Amplifier

The 6C33C-b is an attractive tube. This indirectly heated, high transconductance, high current capability and low internal resistance, inexpensive triode, from Russia, with a large 60W anode dissipation, originally designed as a voltage regulator for the avionics in Russian military aircraft, it is the ideal “high current” triode for audio applications. The downside? The 6C33C-B requires a relatively high anode current (typically 180-220mA at 180-210V) a high heater current ( 3,6 A with filaments connect…