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Month: March 2021



I thought to write these notes on a topic that is mostly neglected or not always well highlighted: ground connection. Please look at the follow schema about an easy SE tube amplifier: We see a long ground wire and and a connection to metal chassis. But the question is: how is this connection made in practice? after many years of tests in audio devices I can assure you that this topic is very, very important…

AIDA LCR RIAA Tube Preamplifier

A LCR phono stage is probably one of the most challenging circuits to build in audio.There are several approaches to low noise tube RIAA stages. 1. Negative feedback RIAA. I think 90% of the phono preamps in the hi-fi market are configured this way: an RC network in the feedback loop implement the active RIAA filter. Low cost solution = poor performance. 2. RC type: a RC network between two gain stage achieve the RIAA…