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Month: June 2021


Madama Butterfly 2A3 SE Power Amplifier

Let’s get one thing out of the way: I love the 2A3 power tube. With appropriately sensitive speakers, I’ve long found that this tube just gets me a bit closer to the music than anything else. I’ve felt this way about every 2A3 amp that ever crossed my path – and fortunately, I’m not alone in this regard. Ask a group of tube amp lovers which is their favourite of all the directly heated triodes,…

Welcome to the year 1957 !!!!

Ampex 960 ( valve ) reel to reel  machine play 1957 tape Edmundo Ros & Orchestra Rhythms of the South  with 2010 active Ampex Speakers ( 10 Watt build in 6V6 push-pull amplifier )….lovely sound…. …I forgot, I too was born in 1957.