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DUAL 1019 Naked

The Dual 1019 without doubt is one of few finest turntable ever built. It first began production in 1965 and is a fully-auto, idler driven with integral tonearm and pitch control and heavy massive platter ( 3.4 kg ).
The mechanics are outstanding…
This electromechanical masterpiece justify the adoption of a marble throne…
On the bottom base of 430×375 mm and 20 mm thickness yellow egyptian marble are screwed three 80 mm height solid wood turrets plus 3 mm thickness aluminum turnable supports.
This turnable can hold two gold plated RCA connections like this.
I finally replaced the old Dual wire with more flexible tonearm pure litz copper cable 45×0.005 mm cotton sheath and add a green ground wire screwed to the metal chassis. On the other side I have removed the spring contacts on the shell and soldered the four litz wires at gold plated cartidge clips.
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  1. Ramon1019 Ramon1019

    I love this design! Thinking to do my 1019 in similair style, but I don’t know where I can find the aluminium turntable supports. Any info would be welcome!

    Greetings from Holland

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